What Is It?

Posted by Cassandra

Ever since I've started knitting, I've heard "What is it?" more than I want to. It looks like a scarf, but it's too wide. And it looks like a blanket, but its not wide enough. Maybe a skirt? Or foot warmer? (This suggestion makes my dad laugh.) I have no idea.

This is what it looked like last night, when I brought it out to work on it after an explosive fight with boyfriend. Knitting calms me. If I'm frustrated or upset, or a little bit anxious (as I have been for awhile, waiting for the trip to Chicago), all I have to do is pull out my yarn and needles and knit for a little bit, and then I'm completely content.

It takes hours to actually change the appearence of the pattern (ha!), because it's so wide, but after about 2 hours, this (>) is what it turned into. It's so soft and squishy and I love just cuddling against it! I'm running out of this purple yarn, but I dug around and found an old GIANT (and I mean giant! its more than a normal skein) skein of a pretty blue that is the same weight and is almost the same color as the yarn shown. I can't wait to attach it to the yarn and keep going!

I love the simple monotony of just knitting a simple stitch, row after row after row. It's so calming. Not so calming when my fingers cramp though. And it's hard to bend one finger, my left pointer because my cat attcked me (you can see it in the pictures, all bandaged up; I ran out of bandaids.).

And, after all of the questions and suggestions, my brother told me that I have a knitting face. I wondered what it looked like, and took a picture to see. It's actually just a really focused/happy/relaxed look. (Don't mind the no-makeup/really pale complexion, I'm just getting over my sickness. Well, not getting over, just starting to get used to having it.) And notice the finger as well.

Maybe this will turn into a carseat blanket. Something to wrap around a baby when they're in their carseat, without the fuss of tucking all the extra fabric of a regular size blanket and folding to make it smaller. Afterall, this project is very cozy.

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