Finished Little White Hat

Posted by Cassandra

Finally, I'm done with it! It took a lot longer to finish than it should have....And I actually kind of like it. At first, I was like, Not again. I don't have anything to do with a hat too small for me! But when I put it on, its not too bad. :) It's really cozy and warm.

Originally, it sat in my room for about a week, after working on it at 10.30 p.m., using pens because my circular was getting too long, and I had no dpns with me. It was disastrous. As you can see in the photo, I had dpns when I finished it, thank you very much.

I had to take the yarn that I pulled through the live stitches, and pull it out, insert a dpn, and repeat four times.

And now I remember how much I hate using dpns to work in the round. I've gotten used to using a circular to cast on and work in the round, and I don't drop the needle on the floor numerous times during working in the round, so therefore, I suffer from no dpn tantrums!

Notice in the photos of the completed hat, you don't see the top. There is a reason for this, actually. There are holes in the top, where I dropped a few stitches, probably at the same I dropped a dpn.But it's okay, because the holes look arty, and on purpose. So, just forget I said any different. :)

And now it's time to make something else! Probably... another hat. I wish I had some more tweed; I love how my mini-beret is so squishy. This hat is a little bit stiff, but I guess it'll be warmer. Oh, how I love knitting! I love how if you're in a public place, it doesn't matter if you're a stranger; if you're knitting, you're fair game for everyone to talk to you and discuss things they've made, and what you're making and whatnot. :)

Oh, good news, I got accepted to North Central College, and I'll be attending in the fall, majoring in English: Writing Emphasis. :)

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