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Posted by Cassandra

The weekend! Two days of rest and relaxation, or, if you're me, two days of working so you have enough money to take on your trip...

And after the weekend, only a few more days until I go to Chicagoland, check out the college, and that boyfriend of mine. :) You'll see the pictures when I get back. By the way, I'm still hoping for a storm that makes it impossible for me to get back home for a few weeks. Maybe if I hope hard enough, it'll happen, and I'll be stuck (not unhappily) with my boyfriend for a few extra days...or weeks, perhaps?

Not much to post, other than the fact school is wearing me down, day by day, and my headaches have slowly started dissipating...Hopefully they'll just go away on their own; you can only hope, right? The whole being a senior thing is getting old, what with the daily dose of homework, and don't forget the force-fed amount of daily drama, as well.

On the knitting front, I've done no knitting whatsoever since I finished The Boyfriend Hat. I'm think about making another one, because I have plenty of the yarn, but the casting on, and the first row of stitches was a nuisance.

I had a pretty crazy dream last night, as well. Something about a big garden that I hid in (and ran through, like a child) wrapped in some sort of sticky vine, a house I kept stumbling through to get away from whoever owned it, a big body of water behind it, sort of like a pool, but it was more like a lake, these tiny cats, called "wildcats", that kept attacking sheep, and a HUGE yarn expo, set up like a supermarket, with the wares in wooden crates with prices stuck in them...

Have a nice (relaxing) weekend! :)

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