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Turns out I didn't take any pictures in Chicago, well, not of the beret anyways. But here it is.
(Sorry the first picture is a bit fuzzy...)
I love the buttons, I believe they are mother of pearl, and they're soo cute :)

I would love to write a letter to the creators of Google right now, because I am so frustrated by trying to login to my blog, and the password never works, even though I KNOW it's right! I have to reset everything at least once a month to be sure I can get on.
Does anyone else have that problem?

And now onto the knitterly things:
Today I started on boyfriend's scarf, the same scarf that I was going to make for my sister, but this one will have the recommended yarn, the color is something that he would like, he told me so himself. I've just casted on, so I won't bore you with pictures...yet.

I'll leave you with one last picture, although its not a knitting picture. Just one happy couple, elated to be together at last :)

Kyle and I before heading out to dinner.

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