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It's been a little bit too long (again!) but I'm finally getting the chance to update :)
Kyle will be here in T-minus 2 days, and prom is coming right up as well. I'll make sure to update with prom pictures :)

I was at art symposium (that is erica and I, B.B. [before bangs] if you were wondering...), which is this really cool gathering of art from all over the state of Wyoming. It's seriously a once in a lifetime kind of deal, and I loved it.

The only bad part (and I wish I would have gotten photographic evidence of this) was the fact that we stayed in a sleazy hotel. Seriously, I walked down the hallway to get ice, barefoot, and there was shattered glass in the carpet. In the bed, there was hair, and on the toilet seat, more hair. Even the free breakfast (I know, it was free, I shouldn't complain) was really crappy. My omelet was cold when I got it, and I'm pretty sure my hash browns still had ice on them. Not to mention my HOT tea, served 20 minutes after everyone else, COLD.

It was a ton better last year, when the rooms were clean...

But anyways, there was cool art there, and it would take forever to show all of it.

A table made of mosaics (the little piece of paper is the artist information; the blue dot means that it got a ribbon for being really good.)

And this really caught my eye too! Try to spot all the fairy tales in it! (*) It was named "Storyteller's Apprentice" and it was awesome. It brought back fond, childhood memories.

"Storyteller's Apprentice".

I'm not going to bore you with more art, and the last I will say is, I got a haircut, involving my bangs. Look at the nifty, new display picture :)

One more thing, I've read a few more Woodiwiss books, and people are starting to ask me what ones they should read. Success! :)

* You probably thought I was joking when I said to look for the fairy tales. I know the photos are small. But click on any of them to see them bigger.

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