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Today, I stayed home from school, again, because I wasn't feeling all that great. I'm still not feeling the best, but I thought that right now would be a really good time to do a blog. I've waited for way too long to do a book review on "Shanna", so here you are!

When I first started reading "Shanna", I was babysitting, and Sam was watching t.v., while I was relaxed in the chair with the book. The first couple of pages were hard to get into, partly because it was time for Sam to go to bed, and partly because I was so tired. But finally, it started talking about Shanna Trahern's idea, and what forced her into it. You see, her father, who was a true rags to riches story, told her that she had better find a husband before her 21st birthday, or else he would. All of the other suitors disagreed with her, and she sent them off with some fierce words, and sometimes a slap in the face if they got too clingy. A few weeks before her birthday, she scoured the prisons to find a man whom she could get married to, and if he agreed to her marriage contract, she would give him food to last out his life until he was hanged, and pay for a proper church burial. But when she meets this prisoner, Ruark Beauchamp , who happens to have a very fine last name, connections to a rich family in London, she gets more than she bargains for. His deal for marrying her is the chance to consummate the marriage.

There are twists and turns everytime you flip the page, from pirate kidnappings to murders.

I don't want to say much more, because I'm really good at giving away the good parts of a book, so much that people don't want to read the book anymore.

But, "Shanna" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is still my favorite of all her other books I've read as of now. I highly recommend it, if it doesn't bother you to carry around a book with a cover like "Shanna" has. And if it does, just, you know, cover the front with some dark paper or something. :)

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