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As you might have noticed, I was gone for about a week, spending time with my sister and nephew. John is 2 years old, and so much fun; when he listens, of course. I spent a lot of the time playing with John, eating (yogurt was on sale at the grocery store, so I ate a lot), watching the Food Network, and reading. On the book list, you might have seen the new additions; threes new books. Before I go into them, we'll start on the visit.

Kim was gone for the week, and she asked me to come up and help, and I would leave on Friday to go home and see Kyle, because he was at the ranch for the weekend with some family. John and I played outside a lot; in the sandbox, in the grass, or just running around. I got some great photos of him playing with dandelions.

When I got back on Friday night, I went to bed, excited to wake up and go to see Kyle. We rode around the ranch on four-wheelers, watched T.V., made s'mores (with peanut butter-yum.), had a big fish fry, doctored cows, saw one get castrated and went out to dinner with the family. I regret to say I only got one picture of us together, and it isn't even a very good one. Last night, saying goodbye was so hard. First of all, I was exhausted, and made the mistake of falling asleep on his bed. By the time I finally got ready to leave, everyone was sleeping, (except his brother) and he walked me to my car. Because it was so cold outside, we sat inside and talked. I couldn't make myself let go of him, and when he got out of the car, the lights came on, and the waterworks began. All the way home, on the dark, winding gravel road, I composed poems in my head about how hard our relationship was. This morning I couldn't remember them. Good? I would think so.

I also received my North Central Orientation date, and I'm getting ready to take my math placement test online. (Maybe tomorrow; it's getting late..) I'm so ready to head off for college, and move-in is September 8th. Before I go, though, I need to get my meningitis shot because I'll be living in the dorms. I also need to find insurance...

Now onto the reading.

When Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett came out on Oprah's list, I was on a road trip, and I bought it because it was a HUGE book and I get extremely bored sitting in the car. I loved it. L-O-V-E-D it. I read it several times, and suggested that Kyle read it. When I was in the library, I was looking through Ken Follett's books, and I saw one that looked pretty new, and I picked it up, dreading finding another thriller/mystery. What I found was a pleasant surprise. World Without End is the follow-up of Pillars of the Earth, and just as long! I was so excited to take it home and start it. I read outside sitting in the grass, propped up in bed until 1.30, and when I woke up, first thing I did was reach for it, and read for an hour or so until I "woke up". It isn't the same characters, I was at first disappointed to find, but equally dimensional ones, who capture your interest in the first pages. An ugly girl who thieves to support her family, a smart boy who is older, yet smaller than his younger brother (who is, by the way, a bully) and a girl who wants to be a doctor, even though women aren't allowed into the profession. What they witness playing in the forest follows them all of their lives, hovering over their heads like a dark cloud. Definitely a must-read for anyone.

The next book, I'd read before, but I was still caught up in the tangled web that The Best Laid Plans describes. Power-hungry men and revenge seeking women dominate the storyline, pulling you through until you reach the last page, eager for more.

And finally, I finished this one last night, Think Twice features identical twins seperated at birth; one a powerful lawyer, the other fresh from prison (with the help of her sister) on the run from a boyfriend/drug dealer. Bennie (the lawyer) goes to her sister's house for a seemingly innocent dinner, and hours later, wakes up in the box underground. While she fights for her life, Alice, the evil twin, (forgive the cliché.) becomes Bennie, driving her car, sleeping in her bed, and stealing her money. Will Bennie be able to get out of the box, or will Alice steal her $3 million dollars and disappear into thin air? Again, it's a recommended read for anyone who likes thrillers that go fast.

While at the library this morning, I got a few more books (The Other Queen, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and look forward to a lazy week spent reading them.

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