About Time.

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I'm still very, very lazy, but not so much that I'm putting this off another night. Again, this post will be all about books, well, not all about books, so if you are bored by that, feel free to come back another day and see if I've updated further.
I finished the Alanna books, and I loved that quartet, but not as much as I loved "The Immortals" quartet. (I'm too lazy to put any pictures up...)
Now, I'm starting another series. A very, very LONG series. By Brian Jacques. The "Redwall" series. There are 21 books in this series, so if I read really fast I'll be able to finish it for once. I started it in 7th grade, but didn't get very far, because I was made fun of for reading them... I finished "Redwall", and I started on "Mossflower" and am about halfway through. I don't know if I'll ever be able to explain them any further than just saying "they're good". I should have read "Mossflower" first though. If you end up reading these, read "Mossflower" first. "Redwall" will make much more sense.

Now, onto other things.

Knitting: Kyle wants me to make another hat for him, because the one I made before was too small; so I'm currently planning to cast-on for another Boyfriend Hat. I get really, unexplainably happy when I say that :)

I got a small surgery on my shoulder/back to have a cyst removed, and the stitches (12; 2 inside, 10 outside) are supposed to come out tomorrow. (But the school nurse says they aren't healing like they should, so it may be postponed) I'm very excited. They are itchy, and a pain in the butt to take care of because I can't reach them, and I have to depend on my brother to clean them for me. Not good.

In a few weeks, prom rolls around, (and buying plane tickets...have you seen the price of those lately?) and Kyle is coming for it, so I'm also excited to get my dress and get all pretty. And with prom, I'm getting a lip piercing. I would love to have it before prom, so I have a shiny little thing in my lip like this, only not with a ring, with a stud. I think it's pretty.

I would say that I'll update more in a couple of days, but I seem to be saying that a lot, to myself, and to the blog, but for some reason, I feel no need to document my life at this point, and all that I end up writing is a sorry excuse for an entry.

So, I apologize for abandonment, and major boring-ness.

I'll be back when I have something worthwhile to write (and to read, of course). Would it be terrible if the next thing I posted was a book review? (By book review, I mean in depth, like this one.)

Buona notte :)

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