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I finished "Nectar in a Sieve" (pronounced SIV as Merriam-Webster informed me yesterday; turns out I can learn something on the internet!), and highly recommend it to everyone. It really is worth reading, not because it's a classic novel, but because it's a universal struggle about a woman who can't change anything that happens to her...It is equally sad and happy, and at the end, I was happy to be a female in America in today's society.

On another note, I started, and finished, another book today. Just a fast little read, very fun. "Fairest of All" by Serena Valentino. It's all about the story of Snow White, but it is told from the Queen's point of view, and you can finally start to understand why she would demand one of her men to go and kill Snow White, and bring back her heart so she can see it. It's such a twist on the classic story that it keeps you hooked until the last page. The reading level is pretty low (Ages 9-12, pretty PG, just kissing), so it's a fast, quick read. The cover art is originally what caught my eye, especially because of the double covers. On page one, you meet the Queen, and yes, I assure you, do not be fooled, it is she, albeit nice, very nice. You meet Snow White as a tiny, adorably shy girl, and you meet the King, the dashing, handsome, caring King. Further in, you meet his absurd family, i.e. strange triplets who paint themselves to look like dolls. They make you shudder, and the things they say make you want to take their skinny necks in your hands and squeeze until their painted faces turn purple...

I'll stop before I give too much away, but "Fairest of All" was a pleasure to read, and it makes me look at all of Disney's villains in a new, and very different, way; what if they all had a valid reason to be the way they were? I might even like most of them, instead of instantly hating them because they aren't filled with a glow-y light like all of the heroines are. I did really like the Queen, and I dare you to not like her, and not pity her at least just a little bit.

By the way, I added a new blog to my favorites, and just thought I would draw a little more attention to it, because it inspired me to blog a little bit about books.
I give you:
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Just wanted to say a quick thanks for adding me as one of your favorite blogs! It means a lot that my ramblings about books and life strike a chord in others, and so I hope you'll keep reading. I've definitely bookmarked your blog as well!

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