Burns and Full Moons

Posted by Cassandra

Remember the walk to the "frog pond"? These are the results. If you've seen the pictures of me on here, you'll know that my skin is very fair, and it takes about five minutes to burn without sunscreen. Even the day before (Friday), when I was at work (babysitting), we played outside with water, and I had sunscreen on, and I still burnt, not within five minutes, but about 15. Yesterday, knowing that I was going to be mowing the lawn, I slathered on 60 SPF. Then the sun went away, and I covered up anyways.

Did anyone see the moon the 28th? It was so bright and full and beautiful! I noticed it when I was driving home from work at about 10.30, because the dirt road is usually so dark, even with headlights, and that night, it was bright. When I got home, I tried to take a picture of it, but my camera just doesn't do it justice. I'm waiting for the day that I can buy a nice SLR camera without guilt, but until then, I'll have to make do with my little Samsung.

In the morning, I'll be leaving for about a week to go help my sister out while she's at an Army thing. Kyle will be here (again) with his grandpa this weekend, so I'll try to make it back then.

I'll leave you with the wonderful (ha!) photo I took of the moon. (That's a tree in front of it, by the way.)

I just realized this new blog template doesn't date the entries. Strange...

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