Leading a (Black) Dog to Water...

Posted by Cassandra

You know its summer when you wake up sweaty, like I did this morning. I pried myself out of bed, took a cool shower, and made myself some french toast. Which had blood in it. (I got the eggs from the ranch, and apparently one of them was a little bit bloody. Salem enjoyed his breakfast.) After deciding that a t-shirt was too hot, I went back inside, which was cooler by about 4 degrees (it really matters when its hot), and put on a swimsuit, with a tank top over it. I proceeded to jump out my window, and invite Pat to walk down to the "frog pond". It's where we used to catch frogs when we were younger. Creative name, I know.

Then, Pat and I took Salem for a walk. Down a dusty road. When it was 80+ degrees. Bad idea? You betcha. Salem was a trooper though, not pulling the lead too much, and walking beside me. When we got to the creek, cows were everywhere and Salem was really excited, even though i kept yanking him backwards. They ended up running off, and we headed to the cool, tan water. Salem leaped into it, lapping up the dirty water, happy to be cool. We took several pictures, and then went home. Within minutes, walking back up the dusty road, Salem was dry and miserable again. When we got home, we sprayed him down. Poor guy is still covered in winter hair, which is thick, and very black. Maybe I'll shave him.

Good news, my things from RHL shipped today! I'm looking forward to having them, even though I won't be able to use them until September.

The good thing about a hot day, and exerting Salem is the fact that he's been quiet since we got back. No annoying half-puppy, half-grown bark, part squeak, part bark. Lovely sounding, I assure you.By the way, who totally loves my new blog look? The colors are just what this summer-starved, snow-in-May girl needs!

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