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I finally graduated, and I'm getting used to the fact that I'm not going to go back to school at HHS. I've been spending a lot of time reading, and also on the computer (which I would like to cut down on...). Today, I went through a bunch of my old stuff that was boxed away, and threw most of it in the dumpster. I saved books, a few really old journals, and a note or two from elementary. I found three journal entries, un-dated, that are written entirely in French. I remember my French phase, but I do not remember writing these, and I've no clue what they say. I've tried translating them online, but the translation is strange, so I gave up. Everything graduation is almost over; I've kept up on writing my thank-you notes, and I've only got a few left to write and send out.

Other than cleaning and throwing stuff away, I spent time outside with Salem, in the nice weather. I picked up boxes that he got a hold of and destroyed, and picked up plastic bottles that get tossed to him to make him stop barking. Today was about 70 degrees; hot enough to make me seriously crave water after going through those old boxes! I also seriously considered walking down to the creek to dip my feet in...

I also spent some time online researching insurances, because my current is a Wyoming-only plan, and I'll have to get a new one when I move. Major headache there. Another decision I have to make soon; whether to fly out to Naperville, and send stuff to myself, or drive out there with a fully packed car. The latter is somewhat impossible right now, due to the fact my car broke down while Kyle was visiting, and needs a new fuel pump, which costs anywhere from $150 to $450. I don't have that money right now, even with all the graduation gifts. I'm leaning towards flying out, because the ticket will probably cost less than the gas to drive, and I could pack all of my clothes in my suitcases, one checked bag, another carry-on, and have pretty much everything I need.

Speaking of things I need. With gifts cards I received, I ordered some sheets (extra long twin-sorta rare around here) (I linked the site that I ordered from because the value packs are awesome! They come with EVERYTHING you need for your dorm, even pillows, and they have free shipping!) and a new comforter for my dorm room. Just thinking about the set makes me anxious to get to college already!

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